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Matador releases the biggest box set ever (suck it, Springsteen!), The xx win big, and M.I.A. hits the (domestic and international) road

Whoa. So, as you all probably know by now, Matador Records is turning 21 next month. To remember this fine occasion, they're releasing a huge-ass 6-CD box set called--appropriately--Matador at 21. What's on these six discs, you might ask? Five of 'em include remastered tracks from throughout the label's history, and one is a collection of live recordings from their 1999 10th anniversary show. Oh, and like with any good box set, you get an 85-page book. And 36 Matador poker chips, since they're having that big blow-out show in Vegas. These kids know how to celebrate themselves.

Congratulations to The xx! They have won the coveted Mercury Prize (meaning they had the best British album of the last year, according to a panel of industry bigwigs). I'm just impressed that they beat Foals and Wild Beasts. Here's hoping that they've got plenty more prize-worthy work up their non-Yankee sleeves.

Oh, M.I.A. You truly seem to have fallen from grace. Just because her album is getting a resounding "meh" from most people, and because she keeps running her mouth about silly things. However, if she's going to go out, the girl is going to go out fighting. On tour! She's hitting up eight U.S. locales (that's it?) before heading to England, Germany, and a crapload of countries that aren't the USA.

Posted by Alyssa Vincent on Sep 10, 2010 @ 3:15 pm

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