New Video From Black Milk

Black Milk shoots video for 'Welcome (Gotta Go)' in Detroit

Producer turned rapper Black Milk is returning to the music video circuit with his new video for "Welcome (Gotta Go)."  Shot in his hometown of Detroit, "Welcome (Gotta Go)" flaunts an excellent back beat under Black Milk's Midwest words.  Black Milk pulses across the streets of Detroit during the song showing the grey side of the still cold city.  The video's a welcome change aesthetically and fits what Black Milk is conveying in his words perfectly.  If only all hip hop guys could be from the Midwest.  Watch "Welcome (Gotta Go)" below.

Posted by Amy Dittmeier on Sep 29, 2010 @ 12:12 pm

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Apache, The Prep Debut Release

Apache, The get ready to release their debut album on October 31. Oh yeah, and they already broke up.

Very little is known about Apache, The. What we do know is Apache, The is Bastian Salazar, Hector Steele, Dik Stevenson, B. Borealis. We also know they have an album coming out on October 31. We also know it’s good, because we’ve heard it. And lastly, we know the band already broke up. Their reason for breaking up isn’t known. They say it’s because they are all assholes.  Others say it was because they got tired of sharing such good music with a world too stupid to realize what they were missing.

Have a listen to “Robert Redford or Kristen Wiig (1973)” below.

Posted by Wes Soltis on Sep 28, 2010 @ 10:10 am

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Daedelus And The Gaslamp Killer Release Exclusive Tour Single

Daedelus and the Gaslamp Killer to sell 7 inch single on tour

Daedelus and the Gaslamp Killer are about to start their Magical Properties tour, which will take both acts across North America to spread dance jams and keyboards to the masses.  This is the second time the two artists have done the Magical Properties tour.  The fall segment will feature a strong supporting cast of Bass musicians with Free the Robots, 12th Planet, Teebs, and Samiyam joining Daedelus and the Gaslamp Killer on the road...

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Posted by Amy Dittmeier on Sep 27, 2010 @ 1:13 pm

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New Music From Blank Dogs

Blank Dogs releases first single off of new label Captured Tracks

Mike Sniper's musical career has been one of mistaken identity and mystery, though he never meant for it to happen in that way.  Sniper released several EPs and singles through reputable labels like Hozac, Sacred Bones, and Woodist while creating his own label Captured Tracks.  Somehow this constant release of music gave people the impression Sniper was someone he was not.  "The anonymous thing happened in the very beginning because I didn't even have a backing band to play shows with," explains Sniper. "It led to some ridiculous rumors-that I wear a mask onstage, that I'm Stephen Malkmus...funny stuff."

Sniper has now created his own identity through Captured Tracks and his project Blank Dogs.  Blank Dogs' 2008 limited vinyl pressing On Two Sides caused a huge buzz when the Fader blog and 20jazzfunkgreats got a hold of it and gave it rave reviews.  As Captured Tracks grew and Blank Dogs' music became more well known on the blog circuit, Sniper's sound grew from it's lo-fi, simplistic roots into an ocean of influences tied together with loud guitars and bright synths.  Land and Fixed is the latest chapter in Blank Dogs' career.  Sniper has turned his project into a full-fledged band and the album's first single "Northern Islands" represents the vision he always had for Blank Dogs.  You can hear everything on it from sultry beach pop to Joy Division to classic indie rock.  Take a listen to "Northern Islands" below.  Land and Fixed comes out October 12 on Captured Tracks.

Posted by Amy Dittmeier on Sep 27, 2010 @ 10:10 am

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New Music From Travis Barker And The Cool Kids

Best know as the Blink 182 drummer, Travis Barker announced a solo album Give the Drummer Some sometime ago in 2009. Plenty of special guest were rumored to be on the album including: RZA, Ludacris, Lil’ Wayne, Rick Ross, Raekwon, B.o.B., Swizz beats, so on and so on. Well, back in March we saw this little teaser thanks to Fake Shore Drive that showed Chicago’s own The Cool Kids in the lab with the tattooed drummer boy...

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Posted by Andrew Macnider on Sep 23, 2010 @ 12:12 pm

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