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Coltrane Motion

Hello Ambition!

Released on Jun 01, 2010


The Chicago duo of Michael Bond and Matt Dennewitz comprise the fanatical electronic indie rock dance combo.  Their desire to craft dance music they would dance to, lead these two mates to discover their musical prowess.  Only being on the radar since 2005, their first album No Well OK Maybe Just A Little lent a heavily 80’s influenced sound.  In Hello Ambition! their music still has its 80’s undertones, but focuses more towards the electronic and dance friendly beats. 

Miscellaneous electronic glitches, pops, and samples coat the new album with much variance to keep things interesting.  This rollercoaster of a dance album covers all the bases, and marvelously so.  Even the down tempo tunes give enough beat to keep a leg shaking. 

The opening tunes “When We Were Old” and “Maya Blue” work as one, blending seamlessly.  The songs work like the first set of a live show, setting the tone for the rest of the album.  The upbeat and ghostly background rhythms provide waves of noise, complementing the distorted guitar riffs and Ian Curtis-esque voice.  Ian Curtis-esque in the sense of conviction in the lyrics and monotone execution.

“I Forgot There Was A War On” carries a diligent beat with the drums covering the off beats and guitar filling in the chorus.  The beat carries a refreshing sound and certainly a dance-worthy one to boot.  One could not help the gyration of hips during this pleasant of a song. This band is certainly not for the faint, because a serious dance party might ensue if this record plays.

“High Tide” comes on slow and then jumps right into the groove.  An edgy and distortion friendly song puts a stupor on you, as the mesmeric beat works its wonders.  The sexual ah’s, splendidly coerce your brain into the early 80’s.  If one song on this album sounds like it came from the 80’s, this is the one.  I can picture it being played at one of the UK clubs from the era.  There is nothing but good vibes and soft distortion from this one.

Nearing the end, “Please Call It A Comeback” rouses with a rolling melody and brings the tone from somber to inspiring and back again.  Multiple layers of mind melting instruments get close to a cluster-fuck and fade back to a calm, leaving a peaceful reminiscent feeling.

This electro-indie-pop-punk-80’s revivalist-neo post-punkers have a daunting list of possible labels, and one is certainly ‘great.’  Hello Ambition! Greats ambition and grabs it by the balls for a solid showing from a young and surly up-and-coming band.

High Point

Strong opening to spark a strong album.

Low Point

Few portions lag a bit, but nothing too unceasing.

Posted by Daniel Wehrli on Jun 24, 2010 @ 7:07 am

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