Evidence Rides The Rollercoaster For New Music Video

Evidence takes rap to new heights with video for 'To Be Continued'

Rap videos have become somewhat predictatble in the 00s.  Nice cars, bling on a chain, hot ladies with revealing outfits, maybe a big dog or two.  But LA rapper Evidence likes to play his game a bit differently.  For his new video for single "To Be Continued" Evidence and Decon's Jason Goldwatch filmed it on a roller coaster.  That's right - a roller coaster.  The video has Evidence singing along to "To Be Continued" while riding the loops and turns of a roller coaster.  Pretty impressive.  Not sure if it was exactly legal but it sure makes for some good entertainment.  Watch the video below.

Posted by Amy Dittmeier on Aug 18, 2010 @ 11:11 am

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