Kanye West Announces Album Name Change On Twitter, Drops Some Bars On Facebook

'Ye turns up social networking to eleven

You mean to say Kanye West has gone through multiple blog changes over the past few years and homie still hasn’t joined up on this 140-character shit? Call him a late-adopter but Mr. West finally set up his twitterfeed (@kanyewest) July 28, amassing over 280,000 followers in less than 24 hours. So what’s this guy talking about? More importantly, when will his first ALL CAPS rage ensue?

Seems Yeezy has been tweeting mostly about Napoleon era accoutrements, Versace couches and retweeting comedian Aziz Ansari’s predictions of what Kanye would tweet on. But more importantly what is Kanye speaking about his music? Well, let’s just say Good Ass Job won’t be the tile of his upcoming album to release September 14.

From @kanyewest “The album is no longer called "Good Ass Job" I'm bouncing a couple of titles around now[.]” Kanye has also been quick to keep hypemongers at bay in reaction to the tease for his upcoming video “Power” off the new album. ‘Ye urges that the tease was just a still image blown out of proportion from the original New York Time’s blog post. Will Kanye announce the new title via twitter, too? Either there, his blog or Facebook, that’s for certain.

Kanye may not be on Facebook yet, but that in now way means he didn’t take a trip to the site’s HQ in Silicon Valley to tease some bars from his next LP. Kanye teased a couple songs worth of new material, while taking heavy hits at Gucci Mane’s “Heavy” in the brunt of what he showcased for Facebook. The same day, Kanye performed another verse for Twitter in San Francisco. Peep that video the Twitter video here and watch the Facebook video here if you want hear some new content from the inventer of Crack Music.

Kanye’s been keep it classy dropping his bars in his fresh new suit while promoting his new album straight from the biggest social networks’ place of work. Surely now that Yeezy’s on twitter, we’ll be uncovering some more fresh content off of whatever West decides to rename his next album. And in the words of Aziz Ansari forseeing Kanye’s tweets, “Damn I wish Hermes made edible snacks, Cheezits just ain't dope enough for my mouth. #PredictingKanyeTweets @kanyewest[.]” Too, too funny. If you’ve haven’t heard “Power,” Kanye’s first single from the new album, give it a spin below.

Posted by Andrew Macnider on Jul 30, 2010 @ 10:10 am

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Kanye West - Power (ft. Dwele)