Neon Indian Gets Remixed

Neon Indian set to tour with Phoenix, remixed by Apache Beat.

Neon Indian’s Physic Chasms has been out since October 09 and the critically acclaimed album has found Neon Indian with quite a bit of success on their hands. 2010 followed with their first late night appearance (on Jimmy Fallon), and recently they’ve released single “Sleep Paralysist” on Green Label Sound. “Sleep Paralysist” is the newest original music Neon Indian has put out since Physic Chasms’ release.

The band, with its garnered success, has been the topic if remixes by several bands. Here we have Neon Indian remixed by New York Band Apache Beat. You can find Neon Indian on the tour dates below, including some dates with Phoenix.

Posted by Wes Soltis on Jul 13, 2010 @ 3:15 pm

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Neon Indian - Physic Chasms (Apache Beat Remix)