Language Artz launches new visual for The Artz Dealer

Need a trip back to the 90s? Check this video and mixtape

Already cycled through Donnis’ Fashionably Late tape and left longing? Here’s something that’s still fresh and that you probably snoozed on at its launch. Picaso and Language Artz have done dropped a mixtape and just recently visualized one of the tape’s more sparkly tracks for your pleasure.

The Art Dealerz mixtape dropped the first of June; if you weren’t on to download it that day, don’t worry, now’s your chance. The tape’s 11 tracks features group member Picaso, but that doesn’t mean other members of Language Artz aren’t peppered throughout the listening session. With Interludes from old Clipse album’s and that sweet afro-dude from that painting show in the 80s (The Joy of Paiting w/ Bob Ross) this tape entertains the whole trip.

For the mixtape’s most recent video, Picaso bring A.T and Thr33zy McFly in on the chill west coast beat for “Where My Homiez 2010.” Keeping it simple as Picaso did for another single “Knock U Out On Mah Momma” for The Art Dealerz the trio do the same, laying low with their rides and homiez in a parking lot near you. Check out the video below:


You can download Picaso’s and Language Artz tape here and if you want to know more about the eight-deep group check out If you like what you hear, there’s tons of free tunes from each individual artist for your listening desire.

Posted by Andrew Macnider on Jun 24, 2010 @ 11:11 am

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