The Week That Was

A lot of things happened this week that I didn't understand: "Date Night" won the box office, Vampire Weekend stuck their nose in other people's GD business, Team Coco is going to TBS, and my body is starting to change in ways that make me feel like a real woman.

Friday: I think Spike Jonze is to the film world what Danger Mouse is to the music world. The cool kid. His latest project is a short film collaboration with Arcade Fire that’s supposedly about teenage friends growing apart. Um, if growing apart from my teenage friends could have been blocked and shot by Jonze and soundtracked by Arcade Fire, I would have been so much more into it.  

Saturday: Vampire Weekend makes music that I love to listen to, but for some reason, I’m not a big fan of Ezra Koenig the person. It’s not like we’ve had intimate lunches together where I found out that his political views rubbed me the wrong way or something. It’s the sort of uninformed dislike that comes from reading a negative blog entry or two about him and deciding his character based on that. All that aside, I think this quote is perfect, and sums up my feelings about the recent beef that was started by M.I.A toward Lady GaGa.   

Sunday: Dramaz at the box office! Not really, but kind of. Date Night made $27.1 million, and Clash of the Titans made $26.9 million, so the Clash kids are all “WTF?! The Kraken got its balls handed to it by an MF-ing rom com?! Hell no!” So for now, let’s pretend that the hybrid film Titan Date Night won the box office prize.  

Monday: So The Futureheads are set to release The Chaos on June 1, and then they’re going to go on tour with it. Alright? Alright. They’ll be hitting up some of the east coast along with Detroit and Chicago. The most important cities in the Midwest, if you ask me. Sorry, Indianapolis. YOU LOSE.  

The Cone Zone has found a home! A slightly disappointing one, but hey—we’ll take what we can get. Come fall, he’ll serve as the lead-in for The George Lopez Show. Whatevs, at least it’s on basic cable. Where anything goes, right?  

Tuesday: WIRE WIRE WIRE. Sorry, anytime I see anything about David Simon, I immediately launch into Wire-induced seizures of greatness. While the first episode of Treme—his (and Eric Overmeyer’s) show about life in New Orleans post-Hurricane Katrina—didn’t captivate me in the same way The Wire did, I’m pretty sure it’s still an amazing show. No wonder HBO has already renewed it for a second season. They love them some Simon/Overmeyer action!  

Are you lucky enough to be going to Coachella? I hate you. Here’s your freaking schedule. I HOPE YOU GET DEHYDRATED AND SUFFER FROM HEAT STROKE. Kidders! I’m just super jealous that y’all will get to see everyone from Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros to DJ Lance Rock.  

Wednesday: Whoa, hey Wavves. You’re already coming out with your follow-up album? I guess there’s something to be said for striking while the hipster iron is hot. No title yet, but it’ll be out this summer.  

Not sure if you want to commit to purchasing/downloading the new LCD Soundsystem album? First of all: who do you think you are, doubting James Murphy like that? Second of all: fine, I guess we all have doubts. Head over to the band’s website and hear the whole thing. Yup. That’s right. Do it now.  

Dan Deacon is one busy man. He’s releasing a boatload of new stuff this year, including a more somber EP. To be fair, his “somber” is probably most people’s poppiest music, but still. It’ll be interesting. The only instruments will be his voice and an electric console organ. Also, he’s releasing two full-length efforts—one will feature longer compositions with a large strings and brass section, and the other will boast shorter songs that will be “nosier and harder” (his own words in an e-mail to Pitchfork). Damn. You’re one prolific guy, Dan.    

Thursday: I wish that there was more Broadway news in the world—that way, every Thursday could be devoted to the “Broadway Beat” here at The Week that Was! You guys know how I love assigning meaningless news-y themes to days. That being said, we can experience the magic that “Broadway Beat” could be today thanks to some breaking news—the creators of South Park (and the co-creator of Avenue Q) are bringing The Book of Mormon to life come March 2011. A musical about Mormons. Color me thrilled!

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