Hatchet II Releases An Exclusive New Clip

Hatchet II debuts new NSFW clip

New movies with an old school flair are back in a big way, especially in the horror genre.  Movies like Drag Me To Hell and The Last Exorcism have done well in and out of the box office because they adhere to a certain set of rules - don't mess with evil and the pretty ones always die.  Director Adam Green found similar success with his film Hatchet in 2006.  The film had a fantastic cast with actors any horror lover would recognize and got into a couple "Top 10 Films of the Year" lists.  Now Green is back with Hatchet II and it's antagonist Victor Crowley is out for more blood.  Hatchet II picks up right where Hatchet ended.  Out of courtesy I won't say what happened in the first one.  However I will say there was a lot of gore and body bits flying around, so you definitely know the direction the sequel is headed in.  Website Shock Til You Drop has released an exclusive clip from the film that perfectly portrays everything Hatchet II is about.  Please note this clip is NSFW aka don't watch this in your cubicle becayse there's sex and violence all over it.  If you want to watch a clip with a little less sex and a little more substance you can check out the trailer for the film hereHatchet II opens in select theaters October 1.

Posted by Amy Dittmeier on Sep 24, 2010 @ 12:12 pm

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