Festival Itinerary: Riot Fest Chicago

Keelhaul and Off With Their Heads are on our watch list for Riot Fest

Riot Fest Chicago is back for four days of punk goodness October 6-10 in various venues across the city.  With bands old and new filling venues in Chicago, some all on the same day, it’s hard to pick out who you should see.  We’ve got two choices for you to help make the decision a little easier.


Off With Their Heads

Going to the Congress Theater Friday, Oct. 8 to see the likes of Bad Religion, Circle Jerks, Bouncing Souls hometown heroes The Lawrence Arms? Don’t be the asshole that shows up late just to see the headliners. Seriously. Do yourself a favor and get there when doors open at 5:30 p.m. It’ll be well worth it to see Off With Their Heads. Anyone familiar with bearded punk scene down in Florida will feel right at home with the band’s gruff No Idea sound, but they’re also just melodic enough to earn themselves comparisons to fellow Minneapolis, Minn., punkers Dillinger Four. It’s damn amazing how a band that sounds this rough can get stuck in your head all day long. If you listen to the lyrics close enough, you’ll almost start to feel terrible for Ryan Young, whose self-loathing lines depict him as always drawing the short straw in life. Almost. You’ll likely be too busy moshing to their fantastic live show, likely drenched in sweat, PBR in hand. That is if you don’t decide to be lame and drink at some trendy bar before showing up with your popped collar halfway through the Bouncing Souls set. Dick. – Bill Jones


I once was not a metal head.  I once loathed the average band with a double kick pedal and a lead singer garbed in black.  But then my best friend opened my eyes to what metal really is – talented guitarists, epic lyricisms, and a sophisticated audience.  One of the first bands my friend mentioned to me was Keelhaul.  What makes Keelhaul so appealing is the genre they subscribe to, sludge metal.  Sludge metal can be hard-hitting with a wall of bass and crunchy guitar.  Or it can be fast-paced, inducing head bopping and the urge to throw up the devil horns in salute to the demi-gods of rock.  Or it can weave a tapestry of stoner rock goodness.  Either way, expect their set on Friday to be full of nicely baked concert goers and savvy music lovers.  Keelhaul plays Friday, October 8 at the Double Door with Righteous Fools and Corrosion of Conformity at 9 pm.  This does compete with some heavy hitters like Bad Religion but if you don’t want to be elbow to elbow with every wanna-be punk head you knew in high school Keelhaul is the right show for you. – Amy Dittmeier

Check out Riot Fest's website for more shows and news about the festival.

Posted by Amy Dittmeier on Sep 15, 2010 @ 1:13 pm

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