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David Byrne talks bicycles, and I learn that it's always "Gucci Time." Especially when contemplating the current state of the film industry.

I've recently become a bike commuter, and I like to be really agressive about it. I've got a neon helmet, lights everyone on my little Schwinn, and even though I get lost every couple of days, I enjoy pretending that I've gained LOADS of street cred by not having a car. I also look for more bike-related paraphenelia, and an audiobook version of David Byrne's Bicycle Diaries might be a worthy investment. The memoir was released last year, but the e-book and audiobook are set for a September 28 release. Check it: the audiobook features music and background noises. Finally! I can feel like I'm riding my bike even when I'm not.

I love when everything feels like it's released at once. For future reference, "everything" qualifies as David Bryne audiobooks and Gucci Mane albums. That's right--even though he's already dropped four mixtapes, he's releasing a brand new album on September 28. Title? The Appeal: Georgia's Most Wanted. Given how much people are flipping out over the newly released single "It's Gucci Time," it's safe to say that this shit is hotly anticipated.

Do movies even matter anymore? This isn't my lame attempt at provocation, but rather a real question. I'm just looking forward to Oscar bait season, because nothing's getting me excited these days. Theatrically, that is. The hundreth incarnation of the Resident Evil series (Resident Evil: Afterlife) made $26.6 million this past weekend, and Takers came in a close second with...oh, God. $5.6 million. So, not a close second at all. I hope these terrible box office numbers don't give Matt Weiner the idea to make a Mad Men movie or anything like that.

Posted by Alyssa Vincent on Sep 18, 2010 @ 12:12 pm

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