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The only people that don't like Arrested Development claim not to like it because it is pretentious, and it's because THEY ARE THE ONES THAT ARE PRETENTIOUS GOD WHAT DOUCHEBAGS.



Can you tell Arrested Development is one of my favorite television shows ever? Sure, it's no Blackadder, and it's no Jeeves and Wooster or Fry and Laurie, but it edges out past the Office, How I Met Your Mother, and The Big Bang Theory, which are some of my other favorite shows. The live action ones, I mean. Because South Park is pretty awesome, and I have to admit that I"m one of the losers that actually likes American Dad because I might as well be Roger the Alien, you guys. He's misanthropic, given to random runaway fantasies, is wildly sarcastic, and says horrible things while doing nothing but watching TV and drinking wine all day. It's like they were watching MY LIFE, you guys.


Someone hold me.

And get them to cut me a royalty check, damn.


But anyway, I guess what I'm saying is, Arrested Development is pretty awesome. It's got a great cast, such a nuanced and evolved script, and it's witty and engaging and fun and cutting and delightful. And one of the characters on it is Lindsay Bluth, the main character Michael's twin sister, played by Portia de Rossi, Mrs. Ellen DeGeneres. Lindsay is a fashionista, with a daughter named Maeby and a gay husband named Tobias. She's superficial and shallow and flighty and a fake environmentalist, but she has her moments.

The thing is, and I'm sorry to spoil this for people who haven't seen it (all three seasons are online - watch on Hulu or Netflix or several fan sites where you can stream it) but there's some hinted romance between Michael and Lindsay even though they're supposedly siblings. Michael does not initiate it, it's initiated largely as a business move when their company is on the verge of falling apart, and it doesn't even go to first base, I don't think. At most there's one kiss. At most. I'm Alberto Gonzales-ing this one; I can't recall.

But I did some snooping around, and I found some lovely Bluth!cest wallpapers featuring Portia De Rossi's Lindsay and Jason Bateman's Michael. Check 'em out! Aren't these promotional pictures lovely? I love the way they styled Portia - it's a very Lindsay look.

Click these to get to the full-size image so you can download it, if you want it.

And this one.

Oh, and this one!

Pretty pictures.

I also found some fanfic on LiveJournal that I would share with you because these are the things you guys NEED to know in order to live long, productive, fulfilled lives.

Except I won't share them with you.

Because they are pr0ny and gross and I'm totally squicked out. >:( Badly written pr0n makes me angry and scared and sad.

So, because I feel bad about shafting you guys on the fic, I'm going to share a cute Lindsay fanmix.

Fanmixes are basically mix!CDs based on a character or a show or a pairing or a fanfic (so meta!), where the songs are meant to convey things about that character or show or pairing.

It's called "I'm Bored of Cheap and Cheerful: A Lindsay Bluth Funke EP."

It's got 6 songs on it and here's the cover art for it. Yes, there is always cover art for a fanmix, and this one by herosquad is no different. Click on the two pictures (either one) to get to the original page with the fanmix and download information.

You know, I think it might be fun if *I* occasionally put together fan mixes for these posts! I mean, if I have time. I'm very busy doing lawyerly things. And by that, I mean, pretending to be a lawyer and giving people terrible advice. And to any ethics committee members of the Illinois Bar Association that might be reading this, by that I mean, not doing any of that.

So let's move on to the outfit, shall we?

C&C Tank Dress in Faded Glare .......... $34.90 Pointelle Shrug in White .......... $13.99 Rampage Pumps in Taupe .......... $39 Faux Pearl Bracelets .......... $7

I picked a pink cotton dress as the main item here. Lindsay loves dresses and she wears a lot of red and pink because she's got the hair and skin to really work that color. This, being 100% cotton (and machine washable, which is unrelated) is a great summer dress because it breathes and is all flowy and such.

I paired it with a white shrug for the office, because you don't want to walk around in a tank top, which is basically what this is, and then picked nude pumps and pearl bracelets to go with it. This outfit is actually very close to an ensemble that Lindsay wore on the show, but I think her shoes were more of a camel shade. Eh. It still works.

And there we have a great Lindsay-inspired outfit. Enjoy the wallpapers, and remember to download the music LEGALLY. I didn't learn the Copyright Act of 1976 and the DCMA like the back of my hand just to advise you nerds to violate it.


Watching all of you.

Posted by Huma Rashid on Aug 04, 2010 @ 9:21 pm

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