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Inception blows every other movie out of the water (kind of) and girls take shit better than boys.

Guys. GUYS. Maybe you don't recall, but for quite some time, I was freaking out about seeing Inception. I mentioned my Inception Countdown at least once a day to people. C'mon--Joseph Gordon-Levitt + Cillian Murphy + the impeccable Christopher Nolan? THIS BITCH IS IN. And guess what? I saw it! And it was...nice. JGL (we're so close, I can use his initials) was the best part of the movie, besides the soundtrack. But can someone take Leonardo DiCaprio aside and whisper to him "DUDE. This is Shutter Island, part deux. Consider not playing the same character essentially back-to-back next time, yeah?" But I'm still glad to see it kicking ass at the box office, raking in $42.7 million this past weekend.

File Kings of Leon under "pansies." So, that crew just had a show in St. Louis on Friday night, but they only played three songs. Why? Because a pigeon pooped in Jared Followill's mouth, and they deemed it too unsanitary to continue. Apparently, loads of pigeons live in the rafters of the Verizon Wireless Ampitheater, and they wanted to "use somebody" as a toilet.

Finally, that track came in handy.

But doesn't anyone remember when Cyndi Lauper got a mean case of "bird poop in mouth" back in May 2004? Yeah! Girlfriend wiped her mouth with her sleeve and played on. Take some notes, boys. You could learn many things from Ms. Lauper.

Posted by Alyssa Vincent on Jul 27, 2010 @ 12:12 pm

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